Who Is The GRC App For?

Three examples. Many more apply.


Compliance Officers

Featuring a complete, all-in-one NIST survey where the output can translate directly into an SSP, this tool saves time while documenting ongoing compliance.

File cabinet


Incidents happen, certain occurrences must be logged and dealt with, and instantly retrievable proof of adherence to regulatory requirements is essential.


InfoSec Staff

The technical aspects of managing security have a regulatory and compliance aspect as well: the GRC app has team-based permissions to manage access.

Feature Highlights

GRC App GRC App Capabilities
NIST Assessments: NIST 800-171 (More Coming Soon) Interactive Compliance Charts Output Reports to to Excel or PDF
Security Vendor Management: Assign Vulnerability and Penetration Tests to Contractors Monitor Progress With To-Do Lists and GANNT Charts, Track Resolutions, and Attach Scan Reports Team-Based Permissions to Segment Data Access
Policy Documents: Upload and Store Internal Policy Documents Distribute Policy Documents for Internal Review and Sign-Off Team-Based Permissions to Segment File and Directory Access

Cloud-Based NIST Assessments

In addition to our penetration testing and cloud-based security software, Anamo, US ProTech offers a platform for assessing your NIST compliance status with a range of questions tailored to relevant NIST 800-* series polices.

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Compliance tasks can slip through the cracks in the absence of sensible ways to internally organize who is responsible for what. We integrated a GANNT chart to show which member, of which team, on which project, is responsible for what across particular spans of time.


Team-Based Permissions

Of course, not everyone inside or outside your company must have the same level of access to all information. The GRC app segments this, in part, by using "Teams." Permission to access documents, directories, and compliance projects are managed on a Team basis.


Policy Documents and Sign-Offs

An important matter in tracking compliance is which employee has signed off on what document(s). This aids in litigation and regulatory compliance, can assist in proving that somebody agreed to do (or refrain from doing) something, and is required by numerous, sector-specific federal regulatory requirements.